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Extensive experience in Multi-Channel Marketing including: 

Online, Print & Media, and Cause Marketing.

       Online Marketing

      Back to Nature

  • Developed 22 new products, copy, images, videos, and SEO for Brookstone

  • Developed 12 new products, copy, images, videos, and SEO for HomeDepot



      Jackson & Perkins

  • Re-created the Jackson & Perkins website ( with new ERP system to become the #2 most trafficked website in world category

  • Reduced Call Center calls about the website by over 50% by improving website navigation and information

  • Increase upsales online by 33%

  • Transitioned Internet channel from 33% revenues to 58% revenues in two years while reducing cost of sale by 1/3

  • Developed Social Media programs to increase web traffic by 8%

  • Built email campaign improve open rates by 150% and click-through rates by over 50%



      Park Seed

  • Re-created the Park Seed website ( to become the #1 most trafficked website in world category

  • Built a robust organic search program to become the #1 revenue channel by using the company library to load in a more optimized search

  • Developed a PPC program to become #1 new customer acquisition tool

Print & Media
  • Developed all new products, copy, images, and call outs for 6 Brookstone catalogs for Living Gift™ products.  (BACK TO NATURE)

  • Reduced catalog cost by 33% with adjustments to circulation, negotiated paper costs, print cost with QuadGraphics, and remails while increasing response rates by 20% (PARK SEED)

  • Consolidated circulation costs with two companies to save $7M annually (JACKSON & PERKINS and PARKSEED)

  • Acquired 7% new customers with media campaign in Martha Stewart, Southern Living, and other print campaigns for Wayside (PARK SEED)

Cause Marketing
  • Developed PHS Horticulture Cider™ (hard cider) which returns $5 per case to the 501(3)c organization PHS (BLUREY)

  • Developed a program for large eco-friendly organizations that returned a percentage discount for the consumer and a percentage donation back to the non-profit for each sale.  These programs created over 1200 new customers and gave access to over 100,000 membership file while raising $200,00 annually.  The companies included in the program include New Jersey Audubon Society, Harding Land Trust, Schiff National Land Trust, Westchester Land Trust (BACK TO NATURE)

  • Raised over $2M several organizations with Cause Marketing Programs with Veterans Administration, the Vatican for Sub-Saharan African Poor, Our Lady of Guadalupe for Hispanic College Fund and other organizations (JACKSON & PERKINS)

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