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Selected Achievements

Selected achievements focus on Growth, Cost Reduction, Planning & Brand Management, and Team Leadership.
  • New business with national brands Home Depot and Brookstone with commitments of over $5.0M in sales (BACK TO NATURE)

  • $3.5M new program with Costco (JACKSON & PERKINS)

  • New up sell program in retail call center to increase response rate by 50% (PARK SEED)

  • Created new packaging that allow off-season sales increasing sales by 120% (JACKSON & PERKINS)

  • Internet website, newsletter campaigns, SEO, and social media  programs to increase traffic and response rates to become the #1 revenue channel while reducing advertising cost  by 1/3rd (JACKSON & PERKINS)


    Planning & Brand Management
  • Launching a strategic and financial plan for a new product for a 188 year old company to create a new non-seasonal revenue source (BLUREY for PHS)

  • Developed plan and executed new line of gifts and edible products for ecologically friendly company (BACK TO NATURE)

  • Developed strategic and financial plan for the acquisition and transition of 143year old brand to refresh the image, product line, and marketing strategy to become profitable for the first time in 10 years (JACKSON & PERKINS)

  • Developed and executed business plan to turn around 147 year old brand that kept existing customer base while attracting new younger customer base to save the brand (PARK SEED)

    Cost Reduction
  • Developed a process for sourcing components that reduced shrink by 156% and 175% (JACKSON & PERKINS and BACK TO NATURE)

  • During a market low, reduced labor by 30% (PARK SEED)

  • Reduced freight cost with UPS then FedEx to save 9% then 25% in savings in 2 consecutive years to create a 12% spread between freight cost and freight revenue (PARK SEED)

  • Reduced advertising cost by 33% while keeping sales flat (JACKSON & PERKINS)

  • Consolidated call centers, fulfillment centers, purchasing, and marketing to reduce cost by 40% while developing less seasonal revenue (PARK SEED and JACKSON & PERKINS)

    Team Leadership
  • Developed a small efficient team of exceptional people to create national programs with several large brands (BACK TO NATURE)

  • Recruited Pat Farrah, co-founder of Home Depot, Dub Jones, former president of Purina Mills, and former CEO of DOW AgriScience (BACK TO NATURE and SOUTHERN SUN BIOSYSTEMS)

  • Combined management team of two national brands to create “Best in Industry” team  that created the #1, #2, and #4 most trafficked websites (PARK SEED and JACKSON & PERKINS)

  • Created a Career Track program to improve retention and individual career expectations (PARK SEED and JACKSON & PERKINS)

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