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Marketing Or Sales?

Can selling Retail help your Wholesale and vise versa?

Many companies sell either Retail or Wholesale. Companies that sell Retail have the Marketing Department and companies that sell Wholesale have the Sales Department.

Some think that if they sell Retail they should not sell Wholesale because it will dilute their market. Wholesalers that don’t sell Retail believe that their wholesale customers will disapprove of the competition.

From a marketing, sales, and operational perspective, the differences between Retail and Wholesale can bring on new challenges. These differences include images, copy, packaging, fulfillment, compliance and more. But these differences can be worth the expense and effort.If you are primarily a Retailer, selling

Wholesale can help you:

Expose your products to the large group of new customers shopping with the Wholesaler.Many of these customers will look up your brand or website – even if they did not buy from the Wholesaler.The addition of adding the scale of Wholesale accounts can bring down your product costs.

If you are primarily a Wholesaler, selling Retailer can help you:

You can provide the Wholesaler real data about what works and what does not work.Wholesalers can appreciate the relationship more because they know you are getting more margin in your Retail sales.You can make value added adjustments to the product that could have application to your Retail products.Always, the key is to solve a problem for the ultimate customer.

By selling Retail and Wholesale you can get more feedback and information on that customers needs than if only working in one channel. Make sure the demographic of the Wholesaler customers and your Retail customers are similar. Done right, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts.

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